Our Mission

The PrivaSI Lab supports interdisciplinary research and teaching activities for a wide range of Security, Privacy, Applied Computer Sciences and Social Informatics fields. The Lab specializes in Security and Privacy Requirements Engineering, Usable Security and Privacy, Cloud Forensics, Adaptive Security and Privacy, Social Informatics and aims to:
  • provide relative education curricula for undergraduate, graduate and continuing education students, meeting the educational needs of the DCTC and the UAegean 
  • supervise post graduate students, PhD candidates and post-doctoral researchers in relevant subjects  
  • conduct basic and applied research in relevant subjects  
  • run research and developmental projects in cooperation with organizations and stakeholders of the scientific community, the IT industry and society  
  • produce scientific reports for public or private bodies 
  • produce knowledge that can be transformed and implemented in services and products 
  • organize seminars, conferences, summer schools and life-long learning programmes in the above-mentioned scientific areas 
  • disseminate the research results and the expertise in the relevant fields to the academia, professionals, the public and the community in order to improve educational and social services

Our Team

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