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The e-Governance model in Education. Citizenship cultivation, participa-tion enhancement and collective decision making in Greek educational structures using social media M. Sideri
A. Kitsiou
A. Filippopoulou
C. Kalloniatis
S. Gritzalis 
Innovation, Sustainability and Educational Design 2019
Location—Allocation Modeling for Emergency Evacuations in the Aegean Sea D. Kavroudakis
C. Kalloniatis
P. Theodorou 
Stratigea and Kavroudakis Mediterranean Cities and Island Communities Springer 2018
A Framework for Aligning the Design of Forensic-enabled Cloud Services with the Investigation Process S. Simou
C. Kalloniatis
S. Gritzalis 
Management of Information Systems InTechOpen Rijeka, Croatia 2018
"... having freedom of speech, does not mean that we can write whatever we want. Our freedom stops where others’ rights of begin. " An educational inter-vention for enhancing privacy awareness in digital social networksms. (in Greek) M. Sideri
A. Kitsiou
E. Tzortzaki
C. Kalloniatis
S. Gritzalis 
Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Nature and Human Nature: Our World? Quo Vadis Athens, Greece 2018
Addressing Privacy in Traditional and Cloud-based Systems C. Kalloniatis
E. Kavakli
S. Gritzalis 
Mehdi Khosrow-Pour Computer Systems and Software Engineering: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. IGI Global USA 2017 1900-1930
Privacy protection in digital social networks. A necessary condition for maintaining social cohesion in the Information Society (in Greek)Sideri M.
Kitsiou A. Tzortzaki E.
Kalloniatis C.
Gritzalis S. 
V. Papavasiliou, P. Fokiali, E. Nikolaou, D. Mantzanos, M. KailaSocial and Cultural SustainabilityAthens, Greeceto be published
Conflicts in the Information Society. The Free Software Movement against Patent law
(in Greek)
Kitsiou A.Georgopoulos N. 
Thanopoulos I.
Dalianis F. 
Honorable Volume for the Emeritus Professor Emmanuil KondyliUniversity of Piraeus 195-216
Free expression, privacy and social control enforcement in social media: The Greek Students’ online community on Facebook case
(in Greek)
Sideri M.  
Kitsiou A. 
Kalloniatis C.
Gritzalis S. 
Theodoropoulou E.
Fokiali P. 
Papavasiliou V. 
Kaila M. 
Environmental Training and Sustainable Development. Concern Texts with innovative approachesDiadrasiAthens, Greece201565-98
Designing Privacy Aware Information SystemsKalloniatis C.
Kavakli E. Gritzalis S. 
Mouratidis H.Software Engineering for Secure Systems: Industrial and Research PerspectivesIGI Global

Hershey, USA2011212-231
Incorporating Privacy during system design: Requirement Engineering Methods for protecting privacy during electronic communications
(in Greek)
Kalloniatis C.
Kavakli E. 
Lambrinoudakis C.
Mitrou L. 
Gritzalis S. 
Katsikas S. 
Privacy Protection: Technical and Legal IssuesPapasotiriouAthens, Greece331-355
Protecting and Managing Digital RightsKavakli E. Kalloniatis C.

Sampanikou E. Kavakli E. Aspects of Representation, Studies on Art and Technology, New Technologies in Contemporary Cultural ExpressionIGI Global

Mytilene, Greece2011241-249
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